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Brenda Van Winkle

Office Manager  //  NMLS #322264

ABOUT: Brenda loves her family, her job, her community, camping, live music, and shopping!  Brenda grew up in St. Charles MN. She currently lives in Dayton, MN with her husband Robbie, son Calvin and daughter Quinn.

EXPERIENCE: She has been part of the First Class Mortgage family since 2009.

EDUCATION: B.S. in Social Work and a Minor in Child and Family Studies, St. Cloud State University.

OTHER THAN WORK, BRENDA ENJOYS: Working on projects around the house, being creative through design and home decorating, and loves to sneak away to spend time with friends and family.

IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY, WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD BUY AND WHY? If Brenda won the lottery, she and her husband would take part of the winnings and book a cruise for their closest friends and family. Once they got back to reality, she said her accountant husband would make sure they invested money and spent it wisely. This includes giving back to church and community and investing in their future family and education. She would plan to keep working (but no more than 40 hours a week) and would ultimately set herself up to retire extra early! The dream of a lake cabin and boat would also become a reality much sooner in life. Oh, the things she could do… 416-6789
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