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Today’s Rates

March 24, 2023

30-Year Fixed: 6.375%
20-Year Fixed: 6.250%
15-Year Fixed: 5.625%
10-Year Fixed: 5.625%

7/6 ARM: 6.000%

10/6 ARM: 6.125%

15/6: ARM: 6.125%

30-Year Fixed FHA: 5.875%
30-Year Fixed VA: 5.875%
30-Year Fixed USDA: 6.000%

Call for information on ARM, Jumbo rates, loan programs & products not listed above. Rates quoted are for business entity information purposes only and not to extend credit per Reg Z. Rates are subject to change without notification. OAC Rates may vary slightly for South Dakota, Wisconsin & Florida.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) Interest rates and payments may increase after consummation. After the initial fixed period, your interest rate may change periodically according to the market index. Any change may significantly impact your monthly payment. Since the index in the future is unknown, the First Adjusted Rate and Payments displayed are based on the current index plus the margin (fully indexed rate) at time of scenario/disclosure.

For conforming and jumbo ARM interest rates, your new mortgage rate at adjustment will be based on an industry-determined index rate added to a margin. You’ll receive specific index and margin information during the application process.

We based the mortgage interest rates shown on a 45-day rate lock period. Under certain circumstances, a 45-day rate lock may not be available. When you apply, you can choose to lock or float your interest rate range. Contact your Loan Officer to discuss your rate lock options and costs.

All rates assume credit score of 740 and above.

All rates also assume loan amounts between $150,000 and $726,200. *30 year & 20 year fixed Conventional assume 75% LTV.

Rates, terms, and fees as of 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on 3/24/2023 and subject to change without notice.