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We offer a program that includes special financing for qualifying low to medium income areas.

This program will allow First Class Mortgage and our partners to help improve local communities by making housing a little more affordable!

Features & Benefits:

  • Special program for certain listings in low to moderate income areas that is not depended on your borrowers income
  • Allows us to pay for the borrowers closing cost, so you don’t need as many seller concessions
  • 1% of the loan size as a credit back to the borrower to either lower rate or reduce closing costs.
How can I check?
STEP ONE: Go to this website
STEP TWO: Change the year to 2021 and enter your property address.
STEP THREE: A map should display and a box in the top left with a button that says Census Demographic Data. Click that button.  Another box will open.
STEP FOUR: The box that opens will say “Tract income level”. IF it states LOW or MODERATE.  You are almost there…
STEP FIVE: check with your FCM representative to complete the remaining steps to help you determine if this is a loan program you qualify for.
I’m here to answer all of your mortgage financing questions.  Let me know when we can schedule a time to connect.